The ART of the Brave New World Order

Do we want our reality to be Man-made (therefore controlled by power hungry psychopaths) or made and controlled by a divine creator?

Below is an excellent interview with our friend, and courageous Russian scientist, Dr. Valentina Kiselev, conducted by James Grundvig from American Media Periscope.

Airika Dollner is very proud to have facilitated this interview by bringing James Grundvig and Dr. Valentina Kiselev together. Airika plans to do more work with exploring Kiselev’s valuable information. The mission of Art With Aim has always been to bridge strategic divides, so that we can understand our world beyond the media monopolies and globalist banking monoliths.

Unfortunately, the audio quality is poor during this interview, but she makes many important observations that you will not find anywhere else, because it is the current, cancel-culture norm to keep the truth seekers of planet earth socially, intellectually, emotionally, and literally DISTANCED and locked down. In Dr. Kiselev’s final analysis, the SCAMdemic is about transhumanism, and the extermination, ultimately, of the entire species as we know it. Many are dying from these shots, but the question still remains unanswered whether those who survive the injection will still be human afterward.

Kiselev implores listeners to become familiar with:

  1. Singularity University: This is where the NWO managers and politicians are learning the new global system:
  1. The Pandemic Treaty and the four region-named variants: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma.
  1. READ Brave New World: The world is broken down into Alpha’s Betas, Deltas, and Gammas and the book seems to be the basic blueprint for the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  2. The vakseens/JABS DO NOT qualify to be called a vaccine OR an immunization by the internationally accepted, legal definition of “vaccines.” They appear to be changing humanity into chimera’s and/or cyborgs- which means we will no longer fit the legally accepted definition of “HUMAN” anymore. As a result this agenda is to exterminate the human race by fatal extermination OR by using our bodies as platforms for non-human intelligence. The shits likely contain Hydrogel and will permit external forces to control our magnetic fields. She believes the magnetism factor is vital to understand (which could explain why the Major Media of the United States is so hell bent on destroying any exploration of it as we speak).

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