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Airika Dollner

Airika Dollner attended Savannah College of Art and Design, GA with a portfolio scholarship, in 1995. While studying, she became ill with Rheumatoid Arthritis ranked in the top 97% severity in the world. This physical setback put her on a path of becoming multidisciplinary in the arts, natural medicine, national/ international politics, and more.

As an artist who could render realism, losing the ability to simply write her name due to chronic illness and repeated surgery was a life-altering obstacle for those 14 years. Remarkably, in 2009, after stinging herself over 2500 times with live honeybees (while undergoing 2 years of back to back surgeries that had her in a wheelchair) her symptoms disappeared entirely.

Though she now lives with partial fusions in both wrists, a total knee replacement, total hip replacement, etc., she has returned to incredible health without medication. This allowed Airika to resume focus to hands on, fine art creation, and to further her art training in Toronto, Canada in 2014-2016 at Centennial College. Her fine art portfolio can be seen at: Airtiste.com

Her fine art work, in varying mediums, has shown in art events, publications, displayed in businesses, studios, fundraisers, and adorned sets in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York City, Toronto, North Carolina, and Russia. She has traveled extensively, directed/curated events, founded online activist communities (Occupy the EPA, Occupy the FDA, Night Into Light) with nearly 200,000 members (before total social media deplatforming in 2019), and worked with high profile individuals. In 2012-2014, she was a core member of RevolutionTruth.org, who organized the Federal Constitutional Lawsuit, Chris Hedges VS President Obama, concerning the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).

AlexSasha From Russia

Alexandra Smirnova

Alexandra was born in Zelenograd, Russia, a suburb of Moscow, where she also grew up. This city is known as Russian Silicon Valley. She is the middle child of 3 daughters, all born within 5 years of each other. Both of her parents were engineers, and she too later graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology with a engineering degree focusing on micro-devices and cybernetics.

At the end of 1991, when Alexandra was still a young child, the Soviet Union collapsed, creating an epidemic economic crisis for the Russian people, where millions lost their lives because they couldn’t obtain the basics needed to survive. She and her family overcame this dark time for Russia thanks to their familial connections in the countryside, where Alexandra’s Grandfather’s country home was part of a village community of Dacha Gardens. There they could work together to grow their own food, raise animals, as well as prepare and preserve food to last through the bitterly cold winters. She, her sisters and her parents still live between this village home, and their shared residence in

Zelenograd. She and her family continue to grow much of their own food, brew their own beer, make their own wine, cottage cheese and butter. She grew up deeply bonded to her family, with nature (and her place within it), while undertaking the sometimes intensive labor of planting and tending to food gardens, fruit trees, keeping animals, seed saving, and preparing food for winter storage.