Category: Gardening

In this category, I talk about gardening and agriculture, how we do it in Russia as a Russian family.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we realized that only thanks to the fact that we have a village in which we can practice horticulture and agriculture, we survived more than one economic crisis. And what is happening in the world now is nothing but a crisis. This is a social crisis, both economic and psychological.

As the main solution to the problem of overcoming the crisis, I see the people joining the land. Humanity must again learn to communicate with the land on which we live, learn to respect it, learn to be in symbiosis with it. And thanks to gardening, this is easy to make. The more people will be keen on gardening, the less intrigues and abuse will be. The more healthy food people will eat, the less stress they will experience in an urban environment.

And in order to simplify the process of transition from the old world order to the new world order, or rather to the well-forgotten old, I will share our family’s experience in growing vegetables and fruits, preserving them for the winter, and how to cook dishes from them.

As an example, I can cite the bare numbers of statistics: on 06/20/2020 in our cellar there are still fresh markings and beets. Delicious canned cucumbers and tomatoes are also available, as well as peppers, squash, mushrooms, zucchini. And, of course, do not forget about the magnificent jam, which is also full of cellar.

And in this new season of 2020, we already eat fresh onions, radishes and garlic. Berries will go soon.
So join our path! I will try to spread as much information as possible.