How to care for the garden. Guide from the Smirnov Family

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How to care for the garden. Guide from the Smirnov Family. Part 3

Dill cucumbers potato tomatoes
30 June 2020. Dill, cucumbers, potato, tomatoes. Village Burtsevo, Russia

Many began to ask how to care for the garden? How to tie cucumbers and tomatoes? What top-dressing to use, etc.? Today I will try to answer most of these questions.

Let’s start with the most fastidious plants in our garden – tomatoes and cucumbers.

Tomato care.

How to care for the garden - greenhouse for tomatoes
30 June 2020. Greenhouse for tomatoes. Village Burtsevo, Russia

Tomatoes love a warm and dry climate. Therefore, in our, Makovsky latitudes, they are grown exclusively in greenhouses, and they need to mandatory ventilate the greenhouse, since at temperatures below 13-14 ° C and above 32 ° C, pollen is sterilized. Therefore, every morning in the village begins with the opening of the greenhouse, and every evening ends with the closure of the greenhouse. Watered abundantly once a week under the very root.

The plants themselves resemble trees – in peak form, trunks can reach several centimeters in diameter and under two meters of growth. Therefore, they need a suitable garter – a good stake that can withstand the weight of a tomato tree and prevent it from breaking. We also tie the top of the head to make life easier for plants.

Cucumber care.

How to care for the garden -Greenhouse for cucumbers
30 June 2020. Greenhouse for cucumbers. Village Burtsevo, Russia

In order to answer on the question how to care for the garden with cucumbers? – we need to understand from where this type of plant.

Cucumbers come from the tropics and subtropics, therefore, unlike tomatoes, very hot and humid weather is their favorite climate. In this regard, in order to create a comfortable heat for them, we cover them with a special covering material that transmits light and moisture, but retains heat.

Since cucumbers are climbing plants, their approach to the tying system is different. We made them frames along the length of the entire bed in the form of an inverted letter V. Through the holes made in the frames, we extended the wires on two sides, thereby creating a kind of grid for which cucumbers can catch and crawl higher.

And this year, dad supplemented, already worked out over the years, a system of tying with wire hooks, with which he helps especially heavy plants to catch better and distribute weight so that they do not break.

Every morning and evening, as well as tomatoes, cucumbers close and open. They close to keep warm at night, open so that the wind and insects take care of their pollen. But unlike a tomato, cucumbers must be watered every day from the shower head, that is, not under the root, but on top.

Peppers and eggplant care.

How to care for the garden - Peppers and eggplant in a greenhouse with tomatoes.
30 June 2020. Peppers and eggplant in a greenhouse with tomatoes. Village Burtsevo, Russia

The situation with these plants is very similar to tomatoes. Both of these plants do not like high humidity and extreme heat. Therefore, we plant them in one greenhouse with tomatoes. Accordingly, the regime of watering, airing and tying is the same for all three.


How to care for the garden - Top-dressing - Peppers in a greenhouse

For us, the main feeding is mulch. By mulching, we fertilize the earth, and retain moisture, and insulate plants, and get rid of weeds. Mulch turns into humus, thereby enriching the soil of the garden, while vegetables grow there.

Last year, my mom saved tomatoes and cucumbers by mulching, as the temperature dropped to – 3 ° C for three nights in a row. Do not be mulch, plants would die.

Therefore, as can be seen from the photo, now we use mulching for all plants in the territory, be it trees, bushes, vegetables, flowers. And they all like it!

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