The Art of Grace Under Fire

#ArtWithAim Jacob Blake’s Mother was the epitome of composure, grace and dignity when she expressed her views during a very painful time in her life. That said, her apology didn’t fit the narrative strategy goals of the globalist monopoly media, so it had to be pulled from their platforms after this aired.

The censorship and lying by omission these criminal news platforms are committing, against not only the American people, but all civilian people, of every nation, should be considered treason. They are aiding in the complete breakdown of what’s left of free society, free enterprise, autonomy, privacy, family cohesion, culture, common traditions, community, nature, the sacred, sociological and psychological human fabric…. and they must be stopped.

Don Lemon is a fraud, a con, manipulator, and a superficial corporate whore. He doesn’t have a crumb of integrity, and to listen to him with any amount of respect is a disservice to yourself and a world worth living in. He is a traitor and he carries water for the evil which will stop at nothing to grab total control. This time there is no Superman coming to save the day… Jesus Christ already died for our sins so that we could learn from his sacrifice how to stand up to evil wherever it lives… not to fall for its illusions. He was leading humanity by his example, so that we could finally come together as one, and stop history from repeating… we all shine like facets of the Crystal- the Christ- all our collective light shining from within… lighting up the darkness of evil… vampires cannot survive in the sun of revelation in solidarity…. the second coming of the Sun/son. This is how to elevate and ascend… evolve. NOT transhumanism with a artificial intelligence God and ministry of truth. -Airika Dollner of @artwithaim

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