Guerrilla Art, Culture Jamming, Artivism in the Rape Culture Reset

Guerrilla Art,_Culture Jamming_Artivism

Written By: Airika Dollner of and

In this time of TransNormal… Where does a sovereign, free thinking, free roaming, visionary, artistic, wild, pharmaceutical-free human fit in? Are we to be crucified, or imprisoned, by the masked, experimental vax-seen-obsessed mob, for trusting our creator-given bodies to protect us? When I think of my hometown, America in 2021, I think of a psychological, and at times, a literal battlefield, where my loved ones are driven to contemplate suicide as a measure which may be needed to save their souls. Freedom isn’t free. Only Free-dumb loving NotSees, who refuse to listen to anything outside the the boob-tube box, believe that it is.

When I think of shopping at the local Trader Joe’s, I imagine what it must have felt like for Iranian women in 1979, when they were forced into Burkas with threats of boiling oil or beatings. If I dare to express these thoughts publicly, unmuffled by a mask, I will be stink-eyed, laughed at, marginalized, and shamed back into my box, then prompted to stay home and shut up. I think of the Milgram, shock experiment, the Standford Prison Experiment, the Smoke-Filled Room Experiment, Asch Conformity Experiment, MK-Ultra, Operation Paperclip, and the Holocaust all rolled into one fat, cancerous cigar. All in the name of a mythical virus, that needs ’round the clock, repeated, advertising in order for us to remember that it kills everything that isn’t disinfected, covered in layers of plastic, masked, gloved, and goggled. An invisible, completely unproven virus that is such a skilled predator, that it gaslights us into accepting its alter-ego named Climate Change, Black Lives Matter, or any of the thousands of other preferred pronouns it identifies as, and then uses to shut up anyone who threatens its ultimate authority. A zombie apocalypse, “extinction rebellion” of MONO-CULTURizing, Global MONOPOLIES forcing us onto our knees for DIVERSITY! Bombing for Peace! Spraying chemicals for health! Forced injections of unknown foreign bodies or death, because we care about safety for big pharma’s trillions, with no liability for your injuries! Lock down and isolate in order to access 5G connectivity with the outside world our masters fact check! ALONE TOGETHER! Robots, automation, and artificial intelligence good! Human nature BAD!

I still do not know a single soul who has died from the invisible, ever-present virus, or anyone who even remembers being sick for the last couple of years. Probably because my friends eat fresh, GMO free, clean food, exercise in the fresh air, maskless, hang out with intimate friends regularly, they get sun on their skin, and we all break unjust laws (or fake laws called mandates). It’s our sacred duty, as protectors of the arts, free thinking, proven fact, free expression, and the individual’s right to body sovereignty, and our right to take intelligent, calculated risks as we see fit. We speak the truth as we observe it, and accept the consequences with a Christ[ed]- Crystal -Clean Conscience. Life is risk. No risks- no rewards.

First they came for the free thinkers, the artists, the resisters…. but I was not an artist, a resister, or a free thinker…… so I….__FILL IN THE BLANK____. It is up to each of us to pick a side. Rule by evil, globalist agenda, who mask themselves as saviors…. or free will of the bravest, loving souls alive? I am still baffled by those who claim to be into Permaculture, are strongly anti-GMO, anti-monoculture farming, anti-war, or have the audacity to call themselves artists, and then exhibit zero tolerance for those of us who resist the nonsensical, ever changing, heavily funded media mandates that champion censoring everyone who questions the weaponized, pharmaceutical lockstep into transhumanism, track & trace, censorship, vaccine passports, lockdowns, masks, etc. We are being forced into cult-level compliance for the covid-common-cold, while permaculture enthusiasts, and health experts are trampling each other, like black Friday, bride-zillas to be proud, guinea pigs (taking Krispy Kreme selfies like trained seals).

Guerrilla Art, is the *art* that would never get funding from corporate or establishment powers. It is art that expresses ideas, perspectives or opinions that risk reprisal. Today, true art literally cannot “sell out,” because the morbidly wealthy fear it like vampires fear the dawn, and the masses won’t associate with it, because they fear the vampires (AKA their BOSSES). Timeless ART is the art that tells the story so raw, so honest, so human, so ahead of its time that it risks death from stoning, or ex-communication, by those who love their predictable, Stockholm prison- where people are scarcely seen, and never heard. Our once friendly neighbors, and fellow citizens, are now “glamoured” by their bloodletting captors, like blood-slaves in Showtime’s series, True Blood. They are afraid to look anyone in the eye, or dare mention anything other than who got what pharmaceutical injection, by what name brand. Oh! How exciting! You got the MERCK?

When the world is a one-world, monopoly of blood thirsty, vampires who seek to use technology, and perpetual emergency, to imprison us inside of our “biological identities,” as they erase the known physical world with lockdowns, masks, universal surveillance, online censorship and travel bans…. ART must become a weapon, that can surgically extricate our human souls from the thought police, who are leading us to human extinction. We must use art to reveal the devil disguised as the “savior.” Their mindless goon squads and brainwashed, obedient hordes are there merely to scare us back into this virtual, transhuman Plato’s Cave. We must stop building our own slaughter house of lies, and design a clear path to spiritual evolution via radical truth.
The centralized banking cabal is rapidly eradicating the “need” for a brick and mortar marketplace, school, church, travel, concerts, sports or ANY FORM of activity dependent on face to face congregation. They need us to all be scared of each other in one way or another, so that we isolate ourselves, and crush what we can even envision to be possible other than compliance with global tech-totalitarianism.

This a spiritual war, and only the light carriers, creatives, true artists, pure of heart, truth carriers, and visionary warriors (not worriers) will survive. We need to do it differently from blind rage, indiscriminate fire, or chimp-like rampages can deliver…. we need to be creative ninjas who keep freedom alive with strategy, stealth, passion, divine trust in nature, and a multiplicity of opposing views. Free society is based on being able to have opposing views, radical differences, but still co-exist with tolerance. Monoculture, corporate monopolies have eaten free society like like Godzilla on a rampage, and are shitting out a new, radioactive normal where we live in fear of everyone, and every nano-scale thing until we die. HEART contains both HEAR and ART…. and all life needs heart, art and to be heard.

Guerrilla Art fights back by going where it’s unwanted, and unexpected. It disturbs people from their auto-pilot sleep walk. Artivism interrupts the regularly scheduled program with an injection that inoculates against permanent, pop CULT{Vult}ure brain washing. Culture Jamming, rips up popular narratives, and holds a mirror up to household names until it destroys all illusions. Guerrilla Art uses any and all methods necessary to break free from literal or perceived confinement in order to be seen….. freedom is another word for “nothing left to lose.”

One of the primary, leading forces behind every single facet of the “New Normal” is one monoculture creating parasite, Bill Gates. He has been (as the Rockefeller Foundation’s public face) funding every, infinitesimal angle, of every aspect of life on earth, down to the nano-scale, to farming, education, fake-food, gmo, monoculture, viruses for our computers to pandemics to vaccines, and all the way up into the expanse of space! We can be sure, BILL GATES didn’t forget to fund the arts which suit his one world order agenda. This rapidly emerging global system seeks to be exclusively controlled by he and his parasitic ilk. If the ARTS are FUNDED by AGENDAS…. are they ART or VIRULENT, PROPAGANDA wearing ART as a mask? READ “Why Bill Gates Is Commissioning Fine Art.”

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