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Psychopathic Cult

This episode from Sean Stone’s excellent, RAW interview series, “Satanic Empire” largely wipes out 15 years of my virtually unrecognized reporting on many of the conclusions within it. What I’ve been shouting about for nearing 2 decades, until I inevitably got serial banned or deplatformed, is only now being proven true by more and more credible sources. Shaun Attwood’s comments about “Q” at the end of the interview, mirror my own views.

I write this with mixed emotions on a personal/ego level, because there are moments when I wonder if I may have chosen to forfeit a number of opportunities with my art, writing and other talents, because I failed to maintain a focus on them once I knew the world was controlled by pure evil. I could not accept that global society was being steered by violent, heartless, psychopathic, monstrous predators. It disrupted my ability to find lasting satisfaction in the unconscious game of make-believe with my fellow, yet blind, human kind. The hollow, Plato’s Cave, Stepford pantomime of pretending everything is “fine” when it is not, became unsustainable.

After living in Los Angeles, naively dating cult members, partying with heiresses, celebs, art buyers, and becoming friends with sex slaves, I could never just “move on” from it. The sky already fell years ago, folks. Blindly wearing your scam mask only keeps you in their cult of manufactured fear and denial longer. “Getting behind” your damp, virtue-signaling, face suffocation device (as the sea of fear porn, propaganda instructs) won’t hide your true character when you’re one of the last good NOT SEES still standing.

I presume that because I have been targeted, terrorized, canceled, threatened, bullied, marginalized, disparaged, shadowbanned, deplatformed, demonetized, unemployable and disappeared, using myriad direct (and indirect) methods of technology/surveillance….. that there must also be many other people with stories like mine (and worse). All of whom feel that their sacrifices and unpaid hard work, may remain lost under the silence of being digitally buried, and fear of being snuffed out if we didn’t shut up.

It’s deflating at times to see those who are still standing, able to exist on the battlefield, to succeed at being heard. Coming to terms with feeling reduced to being collateral damage or cannon fodder after decades of sleeplessness, doing everything you can to get someone to listen, and help you get the information out, is hard. Instead of getting help, you instead get called a domestic terrorist, alarmist, unAmerican, bigoted, attention seeking, a tinfoil hat-human-virus, while having doors close to you in the information, entertainment, intelligentsia, and art world. It’s not fun at all. Anyone thinking that psycho-pedo-truthers began posting about all of this to make money are nuts. Defying the accepted narrative norms is far from the easy way to get rich.

Those of us who have been canceled, threatened, cut out of opportunities, put on federal watch lists or straight-up banned into the good night may exist in very large numbers. If we didn’t have connections, trusted and talented legal teams, etc., we were pretty easily cast into the abyss. Lost from sight amidst the dark process of global evil rising to the surface. Others, who weren’t as easily starved out or shut up with a key stroke or A.I. algorithm, were too often suicided, imprisoned, or killed in an intentional “accident.” Serving to both get rid of them, and scare those of us who saw it happen.

The fact that this information is finally able to get out, to the level of detail found in these two recent episodes I’m posting here, shows that benevolence is starting to win. Despite the popular, yet truly narcissistic, truthers/journalists who have arrogantly cancel cultured Q as a “psyOp for stupid people”- the drops worked to notably hasten the process of hitting critical mass worldwide. I also had to admit to myself that regardless of whether I started out believing Trump was also guilty, I simply could not find ANY solid proof of it no matter how hard I tried. Only Kushner and President Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana had direct ties to crimes.

The type of people behind these hideous, globalist, dark art crimes will stop at NOTHING to protect themselves. Their methods must be studied, and thoroughly understood. Individuals like me, who simply tried to get the evidence out, but didn’t have enough connections, or financial resources, to aid in rising above the censorship, threats, or Truman Show level social platform bans (since 2010 and in cases like Harry Vox, far before that) must be understood. Now we know it’s happening, but back when I tried to get Tangerine Bolen and Abby Martin to help me in 2013, NO ONE BELIEVED it, and/or they called you crazy, a narcissist, a debbie downer, creepy, Putin’s Pawn, Kremlin Troll, a Trumper, off your meds….. dangerous. The dark disappearing arts, used by the cabal/cult, caused many big picture truthers, like me, to be assimilated, and our characters inverted by a mass mind control system, so sophisticated that even our own families and friends turned on us!

When the Covid-scam smoke clears, collective history must record how these tactics of silent terror, undetected censorship, threats, cyber-bullying, stalking, blacklisting, stealing of ideas, plagiarizing of small platforms by big platforms, A.I. tech tracking, restricting access to organic engagement with our online communities, and the intricate CRUSHING of the human creative process altogether, are possible. They can steal and/or erase inventions, creative genius, and all trace of the truth before it even can break the surface- nonetheless be understood, appreciated or properly credited. Only now that the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES and Dr. Seuss are being targeted, and Cancel Cultured, is the problem starting to be acknowledged. Fake talent like Lady Gaga has been stealing songs from small, soundcloud artists, Jay Shetty is a manufactured guru who stole practically every word, Bill Gates was lifting all his innovations from true geniuses he crushed, Amazon has been vacuuming up small entrepreneurs products, remaking shoddy knockoffs with Chinese sweatshop labor, and then prioritizing it as an “amazon prime pick” until Bezos put the little guy out of business with “fair” competition……. this cabal of centralized bankers have created a worldwide system to suck the blood from divine expression, and sacrifice art to the devil. I know. It’s science. They’ve drained Art Official to near death, attempting to take control with the Artificial.

Little ole me (and many others we have yet to discover) began my journey of being cancelled, ridiculed, shunned, and dumped by much of my family, friends, significant others, social circles, colleagues after 9/11. The intensity of the targeting and cyber stalking greatly increased once I began to see that satanic pedophilia, practiced by those running every facet of the world through finance, was the glue that held all the wars, pollution, terror, genetic modification, education, medicine, entertainment, food production, monopoly, corruption, false history together. Once all of those dots became clear to me in 2005-2007, that’s when the terrorizing, targeting and canceling became impossible to overlook, because I could no longer thrive using my talents… only struggle to survive. I even look back now, and wonder how many of the people I dated were honeypots because of how I met them, and who they were connected to.

Think about that next time you hear someone ask, “where have all the grass roots leaders of the west gone?” or “why haven’t there been any real peace movements or organic counter culture forming?” We were cancelled, fired, blacklisted, appropriated, ignored, marginalized, sometimes killed or removed from sight while made to fear for our lives, our families lives, and basic safety. All while no one believed us enough to bother trying to listen first. I questioned my sanity at times. I was very lucky to have a very strong constitution after all I went through being outspoken, living with PTSD, being lesbian, an artist, becoming very sick and disabled as a teen, surviving malpractice, sexual harassment, botched surgeries, etc.

I acknowledge that this information finally getting out to the greater society is the most essential thing. Not me, or what happened to me. However, what happened to me is merely another level of how far the psychopathic elite have gone to conquer us, using the eradication of basic truth on every level. The global population will soon be forced to face the sickest parts of reality, that an unknown number of people have shouldered in isolation. Then they will have no choice left but to respond. I feel a great awakening, as a result of disclosures like the videos attached here, is becoming inevitable.

The luxury of putting a sheet over their heads to pretend the rapist isn’t IN the house with us, is over. My life, and life itself, will be murdered or enslaved if the World Economic Forum, “Great Reset” agenda, is not vanquished from the earth. It’s tendrils are EVERYWHERE around us too. Centuries of false history, and systems with evil foundations, are worldwide. The damage it’s caused to mankind on a spiritual, even a DNA level, will need to be healed. Humanity is finished, in the most literal sense, if we fail to take OUT these evil beings, and their centuries of systems designed purely to keep us enslaved, and themselves (and their sick rituals) protected. It is time for the DARK Arts With Aim to evolve into the full spectrum, Light Arts With Aim.

Becoming Transhuman is to STOP being HUMAN – it ends the natural law definition of a HUMAN BEING HUMAN. It is the extinction of us. Transhumans don’t need biological gender (by the way). Transhuman, genetic alteration, will make it possible to trap our souls inside bodies that are nothing more than cyborg-meat puppet-play things for the morbidly wealthy. Then the Luciferian cabal can become our Gods, and we their SIMS. Ample evidence, proving that this is the elite’s wet dream, is all there in NEON LIGHTS. After writing this, I’ve decided that my remaining devoted to showing what I knew to be the hard truth, to as many people as I could, doesn’t make ME the crazy one! It makes those who DENY THE EVIDENCE, C-O-W-A-R-D-S who want to remain kept, drugged up, abused, clueless, helpless children of a global cult.

The videos I am sharing below are FABULOUS conversations between highly intelligent people. The work that Sean Stone is doing with these Satanic Empire interviews are some of the most well rounded, by my assessment, in the information world. This content needs to hit critical mass awareness if we are going to save ourselves from HELL. The episode detailing Hunter Biden’s many CRIMES, by Jack Maxey after he gained access to all of the contents on the leaked laptops, is so credible and intelligent, that I cannot imagine anyone with a soul being capable of denying how deadly serious this is. – Airika of

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