OMNIPUTIN! The Preferred Villain of the Goebbelists!

Russia OmniPutin Globalism

Meet OMNIPUTIN! My newest political art illustration, with a touch of satirical intent, has been inside my head for years. I am currently utilizing this Corona jail time to purge as many of the infinite concepts, taking up residence in my imagination, rent free. It feels like giving birth over and over sometimes! At the end of the creative process, however, we hopefully have a new baby to be proud of.

I came up with this concept, because I noted years ago, that whenever the globalist monopoly media needed a boogeyman or a scapegoat, they would incessantly blame the faraway president, of the ever-villainized RUSSIA, to take all eyes off of the real evil residing within our own nations. Putin is a hunting decoy, and the masses of the fictional “free world” are the hunted. As long as we believe that he is everywhere, and nowhere, but a major threat to EVERYTHING (and because of ANYTHING), we might just forget about being raped and robbed, around the clock, in our homes.

Forget all the wealthy conspirators directly responsible for why the economy is in free fall domestically. Disregard that in Russia their average income, quality of life, lifespan, etc., have all greatly improved under Putin! LOOK AWAY from our collapsing infrastructure, with globalist vultures picking the bones clean, as they land grab at an astronomical rate, while Russia has greatly improved their roads, rail, public transit, utilities, food and energy independence under Putin’s leadership. Stop investigating why our medical system is failing HERE, while westerners (pre-Corona) were increasingly traveling to Russia to get dental work, surgery, and alternative care for a price they could never afford in the states! Stop assessing the true evil of our infinite wars on “terror” that the bankers, and their controlled global monopolies (in literally every sector), can endlessly manufacture, using any new target they invent for their agendas (at our expense). Let’s not question, or properly investigate why our election system is failing, because of now rabid, and rampant, corruption WITHIN OUR BORDERS, collaborating with assumed “allies” abroad, to rig all voting systems large or small. Forget the hundreds of thousands of American children sold into human trafficking every year while Putin has made incredible strides to design a Russian society that protects childhood innocence. Any critical issue in the domestic sphere that reveals conspiracy or corruption in action should be ignored, because Putin and Russia, OK!? You stupid, Putin PAWN! You Kremlin troll! How dare you, you tinfoil hat freak! How dare you speak out, or ask inconvenient questions! Why don’t you just move to Russia (disregard how impossible immigrating out of USA is) if you hate it here so much!?

Maybe if the western public blindly believes that Putin is the only murderous monster behind every corner, and Russians are all his poor, helpless, tortured victims, we can keep ignoring the flagrant psychopaths heading our own societal household? Well paid strategists, and the architects of one world, globalist, transhuman, tech-totalitarian plans sure as hell hope so! Hopefully, we will also associate everything Putin has done to help his people, with being the opposite of what is “GOOD”: Banning GMO, helping Syria remain sovereign, blocking the west from adopting Russian babies, stating that the west is run by Satanists and Pedophiles in 2013, blocking Microsoft software from being used for Russian infrastructure, or state computer systems, restoring Crimea from ruin, or his boldly stating that Identity Politics are strategic tools, being used to erode human dignity through destroying fact based reality…………? Could the centuries of villainizing Russia be part of the plan? The west’s systematic rewriting of WWII, to exclude the fact that Stalin’s Russia was the primary reason Hitler was defeated, the Cold War, the Pussy Riot rise to fame, the Navalny movement (with no plan or manifesto- just like BLM and Antifa), Ukraine (which was the original capital region of Russia), and even Lenin, Trotsky, the Bolshevik Uprising (that resulted in the execution of their beloved Royal Family, and the creation of Communist Russia) could all just be The Hegelian hunting strategy, subversively training us to willingly build their one world slave system? It seems the mounting evidence shows that the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Soros, and so forth, all even admit to this being so.

The political style illustration I created depicts Putin no longer as a man made up of deeds. He has become a mythical creature, a construct, manipulated by globalist marketing strategists…. an omnipotent monster with his tentacles touching every crime scene. Yet he appears so suave, often charming, diplomatic and strategic! Never trust your instinct to like him for those qualities… no!

From my experience, as an American who has lived in Russia, and is essentially married to a Russian, I observe that what the west thinks they know, and mindlessly believes about Russia, is near to 100% wrong. Even I, as someone who studied Russia with compassion, an open mind to their side of the human story, and who began to like Putin as a great leader, was completely off track about what Russia would be like, before living there. Most of the larger activist platforms, who are excellent with their reporting on the Scamdemic, generate an often incredibly distorted and disfigured image of Russia, and Putin, with their posts. Their mindset is contaminated by the lies told in our rewritten history, the subliminal programming from generations of pop culture stereotypes designed to make us fear them, and false reporting/propaganda using sensationalized lies, repeated ad nauseam, in the news steam, as well.

My point is that We the People need to STOP being so easily led down the primrose path to hell by our misleaders. We must evolve to become smarter, stronger, healthier, more skilled, more strategic, more vigilant about protecting the sacred, and plug back into the balanced baseline of truth, found only in natural, data driven law. Russian people still have their hands in the dirt, growing their own food, on their own land, organically, on small dacha gardens, and Russian owned farms. they know the plants and animals (even in their cities), that they can use in a crisis. Granted, they are losing that intimacy with the land as they become more hypnotized by the Hollywood spell. Despite that, they still know their motherland and their neighbors more intimately than the west now does. The Russian people know to be skeptical of pretty words without action. They are more prepared to survive together if the system collapses and is thoroughly, and lawlessly destroyed. Unlike the west, their systems have been purposely crashed many times in the recent past….. and perhaps we shall discover that it was just another one of the many globalist cabal’s test drives in the run up to Covid.

We could learn a lot from our Russian brothers and sisters. First we must become conscious to the Art of the long game, big picture Strategy, the Art of Propaganda, the Art of funding both sides to every war or ideology, the Art of the Hunt, the Art of making hurting you appear to be helping you, the Art of War, the Art of Total Mind Control without the target knowing they are being controlled, and the ART of accepting our being played for a fool, and then taking that lost power back with courage, creativity and conviction to live even more free than ever before. – Airika of (Remember where you heard OmniPutin and Goebbelists first! Right here at Art With Aim)

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