Valentine's Day fuckerberg

Today is Valentine’s Day, so we decided on this occasion to express our love to #Facebook and its founder, Zuckerberg.
He has done so many incredible things in the last year! First, he introduced strict censorship. Secondly, only dissent is persecuted. That is mean, that if you are talking complete nonsense, but this fits the program of the ruling elite, then you are great. But if you, God forbid, suddenly express your opinion, which is completely inconsistent with the current propaganda, then you either run into fact checkers, this is at best, and at worst you will simply be banned. As, in fact, they did with the acting, at that time, the president.

– Freedom of speech?

– No, I haven’t heard.

And that is why, on this occasion, we have released another line of clothing and accessories – F*ckerberg. To emphasize that we strongly disagree with this approach to the issue of freedom of speech. You cannot trumpet the whole world that you are so cool and fight for the rights of all people, and immediately violate the same rights. So Take Aim! Uncensor your wardrobe! And Happy Valentine’s Day 😉

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