So right now all people around the world speaking about Regreta and #GretaThunbergExposed. But we have reported on this issue already several times. We even put out a clothing line with #Regreta

We designed the Regreta ALLSOROS design, to highlight to people that children are frequently used as evil, propaganda Pied Pipers that lead people to their demise. She aided the strength of ANTIFA. Soros has been behind her the whole time. They are conflict insighters.

We made two versions of Regreta: evil and less evil… Evil is with an upside down star (please note that it is NOT a pentagram, because pentagrams MUST contain a polygon) and less evil is with the star upright.

We did it with the converse design, because she, and her opportunistic parents, wore ANTIFA shirts in this style (Pictured in this video).

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