The Art of Elite Capture

It’s been obvious for a long time, for those of us who actually investigate the unpopular underbelly of our world (which is about .02%), that pedophiles AKA globalists have taken over by using mass surveillance to protect their black market operations, and increasingly monolithic monopoly on a global scale…. in every sector. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) working in tandem with globalist oligarchs in every nation (like Rockefeller’s), black market cabal members, Royalty, tech giants (who were created by these secret society families ruling via banking), and the monopoly media that they have overtaken….. are using blackmail infrastructures (revealed by Epstein/Maxwell) to control politicians, judges, celebrities, journalists, reporters, military and anyone else they wish to control to achieve their stealth takeovers from within all power structures, movements, legal processes, etc.

Most major Democrats are controlled with this deeply sick blackmail…. which is why Pi$$agate broke in the last election, and Hunter Biden is exploding now. The evidence is ALL THERE…. WAY TOO MUCH OF IT. I’ve seen the videos…. the pictures…. heard the audio…. seen the charges and convictions over the years…. it’s endemic. It’s real. It’s not just American…. there is pedophilia blackmail on Boris Johnson, Trudeau of Canada, Republicans, both Cuomo brothers, Macron of France, Newsom of California, MANY within Australia’s judiciary, AND Dan Andrews…… this list of celebrities, religious leaders, police/FBI/CIA/Mi6….. It’s all there.

The CCP and Globalists who seek to unfurl their surveillance panopticon, open-air prison where the fencing is the satellite and cell tower grid…. smart cities blanketed with cameras and microphones interconnecting with your technology (their aim to get tech INSIDE our bodies and brains) is using this crisis to herd us into their intended goal points…. like cattle to slaughter. The riots are all part of the funded strategy to herd people where they want them to go, simultaneously training us to accept smaller and smaller crumbs….. as they increasingly thin populations with EVERY tool they have.

Whether Trump is truly against the agenda, or he is the Trump card of the Globalists, here to keep us fighting the wrong fight as they unfurl the infrastructure and launch the satellites and inject us with the ID2020 and insert the Neurolink into our brains…. it will not matter without a genuine populist movement, IN EVERY NATION, that is organized WITHOUT SURVEILLANCE tracking and tracing us on every level…. no leader will ever be able to do enough. The architects of this must be identified and taken out thoroughly…. otherwise they will just keep attacking again and again and again. We, as a WORLD of people who condemn pedophile, polluting predator parasites for ANY position of power or leadership…. we MUST NEVER ACCEPT slaps on the wrist, meaningless fines, or scolding of any of those complicit with this mass scale crime. The tech giants are all guilty of treason in multiple countries (as just ONE example of ONE sector)…. watching them get spanked is not enough. They must go to prison or worse.

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