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I’m doing my best to disconnect from the Panera bread and Barnum & Bailey circus election “Fraudeville” being put on for us right now. I predicted this bullshit would happen for so long…. I’ve officially gotten over the part thrill, part disgust, part rage, part sorrow and terror of being right…. I’ve been swinging back and forth like an endless bungee, Tarzan swing over the grand canyon as the plot I predicted, and tried with all I have, for 18 years, to educate people about (virtually for free, and far more often paying a huge price for), unfurls in increasingly unpredictable ways. *For those of us who have seen this psychopathic parasite plot coming, no amount of foresight can prepare us for such a massive avalanche. Now NO one is out of its reach… just some are more suitably prepared, mentally strong and healthy. This is global war, and our homes, streets, minds and souls are the battlefield.

We’ve been under attack from a multiplicity of weapons for so long…. and it’s always the same culprits. Always. We need to stop being the basic bitches they mentally abused us to be… so addicted to our superficial, survival ego/identity they convinced us to be in order to fit into their abusive house of horrors….. grow up….. get intimate with the nature of the truth…. detox…. rehab yourself until you feel wholesome, and stop believing the popular, cocaine addled hype pimped out to us by vampires, pedophiles, polluters and profiteers. We also need to stop catering to the weakest links: poor-pathetics, ignorant, entitled, unstable and triggered toddler tantrums of victims who actively bully us into giving them their way…. when they need to be put away or put down. They need to be subdued and smacked to sense, or chucked overboard before they sink the little that’s still left.

Does it make me a xenophobe to be PISSED OFF that factions within China, and the same secret society finance families who have used the Hegelian Dialectic for centuries, is clearly funding our destruction from within….? using their blackmailed pedophile politicians, judges, goons, and law enforcement infrastructure to keep us contained within their open-air technology prisons…..? Regardless of who wins… without rooting out the cancer meticulously— with a balance of holistic methods and modern invention, BEING HUMAN WILL BE EXTINCTED in favor of TRANSHUMANITY. We must excise the psychopaths from power and their manufactured, high position over all life on earth, once and for all. Going about our business believing we can ignore it is no longer an option.

Regardless who wins this election…. we will ALL be finished if these Evil Grey Cardinals succeed at injecting us, tracking, tracing, us like lab monkeys….. with invisible cell walls generated from satellites, cell towers, smart grids, cameras, and nanotech within our veins remote controlling us. This plan is already further along in other parts of the world like China, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand….. and unless each person around us wakes up one way or another…. they are a hair-trigger, deadly weapon in the battlefield of our every waking moment. Each person who wakes up is a bomb deactivated.

We can NEVER accept the new normals presented as virtuous solutions to a boogeyman virus. Those who do are direct threats to the survival of the human race. Life has always consisted of risks…. Strong relationships are not built by people living in past abuses…. weak, frightened little, virtue signaling masked lambs do not design prosperous systems- courageous leaders, warriors, visionaries and heroes of direct action do.

BIDEN looks like those he leads: fakes, weaklings, simple minded, pretenders, puppets, gaslighters, abusers, cheaters, bullies, frail, masked, screaming, fragile egos who are all talk, but taking selfies when you need them most. The selfie of themselves with the “I VOTED” sticker is more important than knowing anything about what they voted for. The type who avoid all debates, smile to your face, then stab you in the back, and hide in their basements, project blame onto others for what they themselves do, because they can’t intelligently defend or explain anything they claim to believe. They live the hopium “dream” of the Biden BLUE pill, as long as they believe the popular snake-oil sales pitch. They are possessed… not self-possessed. -Airika

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  1. awesome.

    i just saw your video on instagram “the art of shoddy ilkusions.

    ill be researching yiur work more. i know what youre saying to ve true. “the horror”.

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