Resources for World Citizens to Fight Back

Resources for World Citizens

Below are organizations who are organizing and educating world citizens about the various agendas to erode our freedoms. Most of these resources are intended to help people globally. Educating, awakening, taking personal as well as community action is essential now more than ever! Protect yourself, and fight for our communities- TOGETHER!

PLEASE comment with other resources you recommend for people to organize on a local, state, regional, national and international level. THANK YOU!

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5 thoughts on “Resources for World Citizens to Fight Back

  1. I am writing from Italy. We need you! Our rights have been eroded since springtime…and continue to be so…with rules and ordinances which change weekly, make no sense, and deprive us of our right to circulate, to work, even to do physical exercise! They are now threatening to make it necessary to have a sort of “permit” to circulate freely only for persons who have agreed to be vaccinated….Help!!!

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