The Art of Crimes Against Humanity

#ArtWithAim The establishments around the world created a shockwave of fear that has crippled the vast majority of western society’s ability to think rationally, or even sanely, as these dystopian technologies are being rolled out at warp speed, which will guarantee we have no freedom, or autonomy whatsoever, ever again.

It’s the epitome of irrational, mentally ill, thinking to be completely unable to acknowledge that these technologies were radically unpopular just 5 short months ago. Those of us who were attempting to educate our social circles about these technologies being invented, we are looked at as conspiracy nut jobs… And now they are rapidly being implemented, and worse, excepted as safety measures for the “greater good.” Individual people in our greater society, now regularly repeat that those of us who are outraged, and fighting back against these totalitarian, dystopian, evil technologies and social new normals, are incredibly “selfish” or “Trump supporters.”

It’s gotten so outrageous that it feels like we are living in the movie The Body Snatchers, or the TV series The Walking Dead. What are solutions? We need to come together as a global community of awakened people NOW, and find ways to snap our friends, families, and local community leaders out of this spell… or we cannot win. -Airika Dollner @ArtWithAim and our back up is @artwithaim2

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