Press like if you are tired of being tired of this bullshit?

 Press like if you are tired of being tired of this bullshit? I see beautiful people protesting for their human rights all over our planet… And yet here in North America, I only see people with an average 80 IQ assaulting people in the streets, destroying buildings that have absolutely no strategy in their selection for destruction… People who need to be arrested calling for defunding the police… No sanity to be found. I like Trump more than I like Biden, but when it comes to Trump… I don’t like his connections to Kushner, Blackstone Group, Saudi Arabia, and most of all Benjamin Netanyahu. I realize that due to the Covid torture program that’s been unleashed upon us for the last six months… My standards have been greatly weakened – kind of like all of our immune systems. That said… I know for a fact that Biden is pure scum.

#covidmemes #covid #newnormals #snitches #comorbidities #lies #awakening #spiritualawakening #testing


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