#ArtWithAim Words have a lot of power, and I regard them as seeds sown or even magic cast into the world. Even a word like “evil” versus “power.” The people behind the nefarious plots to force us toward a surveillance panopticon globalism (if you can call them people)- also what appears to be mass sterilization and/or eventual genocide- are evil… they are in “power” by man made technicalities, but does that mean they ARE powerful?

To me, power is about having the ability to be empowered to an extent that makes you a person who empowers others to ascend to their highest self. Power is actualizing your potential, so that you can inspire others, and protect the delicate balance we are a part of on this planet with established natural laws. Many native cultures considered hoarding, or taking more than you needed, to be the greatest mental illness. This allowed them to be in harmony for thousands of years with our earth without overpopulating, being out of balance with nature, and increasingly we are discovering the Tartarian and Mesopotamian cultures/infrastructure had quite advanced civilizations… but they were suddenly crushed… their histories targeted and buried to this day. How did we get here? I think it’s that we allow evil to design our world, because we’ve been misled to think they are powerful… when really they are glib, sinister, nihilistic, vacuous parasites without us to to feed their vampiric egos. Black holes only exist if they are devouring stars.

We are at a cross roads where we can change course, and collectively say no more. Without our tolerating, and enabling their victimization, they wither and shrink. They are no longer powerful. The time has come. -Airika Dollner of @artwithaim



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