Written by: Airika Dollner

We hear a lot of “truther” platforms batting around the term “5-D,” a currently trending concept of the New, Great Awakening, Normal. Many discuss this idea-meme from the perspective of their already having arrived there, and they’re trying to help you connect to the metaphysical GPS that can show you the path from the 3-D into the evolved 5-D plane of cosmos-nature-body-heart-mind-molecular-creative-connected-spirit thought and vision.

The current earth “elites” are decedents of psychopathic secret banking families, and are their generationally abused progeny. Centuries of ritually abused silver spooning, celebrity, trust fund children, and mind controlled infants, who were either abducted into human trafficking, born from human-puppy-mill-farms (where young girls are treated as breeding mares for the black market), or unloved, drugged up stand-ins for family pictures, and press ops, proving how normal, and noble this-or-that is. The rest of us (the commoners) are fed illusions of their fairy tale world, like victims of vampires who need to be glamoured back into their MK-ultra malaise. They invented Disneyland, Hollywood, and the White House, but when you take off the THEY LIVE glamour-glasses, you realize they are Dismaland, Hollyweird, and the Dark Arts House.

So here we are! The crossroads to the New Normal. Will we be slaves, or will we instead SLAY the demons trying to convince us that their good intentions to “keep us safe” (like strangers with candy) are NOT actually the Bill Gates to Hell? The enemy comes as the Angel of Light. The snake sold the Apple. The Road to hell is paved with good intentions. We’re the Government and we’re here to help. The vampires want you to invite them into your home. The rapist will blame the victim for being provocative. The liar will blame the truth teller, because the defensive look guilty. There are no lines to cross, when all the lines creating reality are blurred into invisible fences, that only certain people have the privilege to maintain. No one is an invader when understood borders are gone…. you will own nothing and be happy.

They know the power we hold in our creativity. They are baffled by human ingenuity, and inspiration that comes from an overabundance of feeling, and sensory awareness. It’s the one thing they cannot possess. Which is why they are obsessed with controlling, containing it, testing, stealing it, poisoning and crushing it. Vampires cannot taste the abundance and bounty of human senses: food, fragrance, intimate love making, giving birth and bonding with a child as a loving, honorable, warm, brave protector… even just experiencing the sun on their skin, natural light in their eyes is deadly (they only have immortality and supernatural power in the dark). They have no concept of the tugging, nagging heart wrench of a healthy, functional conscience. They mimic us to blend in, and remain undiscovered as they hunt us in cold blood. They weave illusions around us which groom us into “consensual” bloodletting. Their tactics have been so effective for centuries, that we even say thank you for a life in chains. A mass psychosis, veiling that we are actually barely alive, drugged up, malnourished within their systems of rules.

Every aspect of the New Normal, Post covid restrictions, are about keeping us removed from our human senses. Masks destroy the ability to smell, and over time of wearing them, we lose our sense of smell. Smell triggers our memory more than any other sense. Without smell, we cannot taste. GMO, factory farmed, lab-made, synthetic, chemical laden food is more and more tasteless every season, because soils become more and more sterilized of bugs and microorganisms as a consequence of the bioaccumulation of heavy metals, radiation and toxins. Masks make it harder for us to hear each other…. not being able to hear each other, or see facial expressions, makes us less likely to look at each other…. then add on VR goggles! The less we look at each other, smell each other, and read each other, the less we know and understand each other… the less we intimately connect with each other, the lonelier, more isolated, and depressed we get. The more we text instead of talk on the phone, or meet in person, the more social anxiety disorders we get when we “have to” engage with real people. The more we live our lives in fear of death lurking on every surface, the more every urge to touch someone, snuggle, hug, kiss, hold hands, dance together, sing together, travel, shop offline disappears…. only multiplying how overwhelmed we all are, how deeply isolated we feel, and conditioned to feel inadequate to change such an evil world…. until ultimately we externalize the very creative super power we all posses, lose confidence in our abilities, and wait for something or someone stronger than us, to fix it. God created us in his images, so we would act on his behalf against evil. We are here to live in the image of the highest power, by becoming our highest selves. Each of us are made from stars, and together, in unity Christ, crystalline consciousness, we can become the second coming of the son, the SUN…. where not a single soulless vampire can survive.

They want us to remain locked inside, cut off from each other, and ourselves, to become desperate enough to seek someone authoritative to rescue us. We are in a nose dive now, from vertigo of being drained of blood. The choice to be willing victims has always been ours.

The Nanny State has evolved into Flowers in the Attic. Do something before they DEW something more. It’s up to *us*. Divided the US falls. Heaven is just out side Plato’s Cave entrance way… right outside our comfort zone of centuries of collective abuse. We must evolve out of our normalized, marginalized, demoralized Stockholm Syndrome, and realize that a better world is right outside of the coping skills we cultivated to survive our abusers. Break the chains of TRANSgenerational trauma.

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