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Art with Aim

The Art With Aim  project is in its fledgling stages. I (Airika from America) have been in  journalism, the arts, and have also battled very serious illness for 16  years, and then cured myself….  that gives me a unique vantage point.  

As well as having lived all over  the world on a shoestring budget due  to insatiable curiosity. Since 2010, I grew Occupy the EPA, Occupy the  FDA, Night into Light, and others into communities with over 100,000  members before FB cut my access in May  2019, leaving them visible, but unable to be updated by me. In January  2019, WEEBLY silently blocked the original ArtWithAim website from being  accessed by Russia, India, the Middle East, and refused to issue us a  refund without providing all my personal documentation to PROVE I was  not a Russian agent operating in the USA. We now have had to start over  again, and create a new website on a platform that no longer is  censoring our reach.

Sasha,  the Russian side of this organization, survived the collapse of the  USSR via a high producing food growing operation developed by her family  in Moscow region. Despite those odds, she earned an engineering degree,  and rose to become a professional athlete on the National Russian Team,  where she was a champion rugby player who brought her team to victory  in the 2009 Rugby World Cup Sevens. Her efforts as a woman in a male  dominated sport, elevated women’s Rugby to becoming an Olympic level  competition in 2016.

Art With Aim is an idea which intends to  transcend boundaries to organize creatives with technical innovators in  order to teach, collaborate, and manifest ideas that strengthen a now  strategically fractured social fabric. At this stage, we are building a  platform to educate people via writing, art, quality content creation,  and video reports…. as we build a mobile office/studio in  Russia/Europe.

I have been  shouldering this idea exclusively  with my own earnings so far… while living out of a suitcase between  countries. Making it very difficult! Every 5 dollars helps us build the  idea, so that is has a more and more clear identity. Even a small token  at this early stage, shows me that you value the great deal of work I  have been doing for many years, for free, and that you would like to  help me focus more and more of my energy growing it into a professional  platform where I can bring others on board. 

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